Born in Massachusetts in 1961 and raised in Pennsylvania, Michael Gullberg left the traditional lifestyle of the East Coast at an early age. After leaving college early and arriving in Los Angeles at the age of 21, Michael set about conducting his own self-directed Art School. With a punk-era DIY ethic, he has taught himself various art forms over the past thirty years, including improvisational comedy, writing, filmmaking, drawing, painting, woodworking and sculpture.

He landed firmly on his creative feet when he discovered the fine art of painting.  All of his previous learning and experimentation with his creativity informs his current artistic practice.  Michael’s artwork could be defined as representational but that would appear too limiting a classification.  There are certainly recognizable images within his paintings and drawings but if one spends enough time with them they will discover much more under the surface.

Michael’s spirituality (at one time the family default of Catholicism) is now rooted in his artmaking and his love and reverence for our natural world and specifically our forests and trees.  It is in this spiritual reverence for nature that one can find a deeper meaning and message in his work.

After living in the city of Los Angeles for the past three decades, Michael and his wife have relocated to New Mexico and live amongst the trees in the Santa Fe National Forest.  He is now able to discover and uncover the wisdom of the natural world first hand, each day, as he sets out for a hike into the mountains behind their home.